Thursday, July 30, 2009

Leftover Ham & Cheese Failure Pizza

There a pack of ham and a pack of cheddar cheese in my fridge.
Athena left the pack of beautiful ham when she made a refreshing appetizer of sweet melon and ham.

Seeing those two ingredients, I planned to just scatter them on pieces of fluffy bread and eat them as they were, and sing unto them, their glory (or something to that effect). Unfortunately, I had to have a pair of itchy hands who always wanted to try making my own pizza crust. I think you could probably smell a disaster coming your way.

I searched for a pizza crust recipe that sounds as doable as "pizza crust recipe for idiots" and found something that looked manageable.

Clearly, I overestimated myself.

Knowing me, it was probably not the recipe's problem, it should've been me.

The crust turned rock hard, you could hear us trying to bite into it.
Crackling doesn't even begin to describe how hard it was.
It was harder that sous chef's stubborn head, and was even harder than my feet's callouses.

Either my instant yeast wasn't bubbly enough or I must have overbaked my pizza as I waited for it to turn golden brown (it never did)....whatever happened, I shall try again with another recipe and try to do better at following directions. Meanwhile, let me put pizza hut on speed dial.

Pssst, the crust turned so hard...the phrase "between rock and a hard place", from now on shall be changed to "between rock and rita's pizza crust".


eliza said...

Rit, kalo dough nya crunchy sekalian aja bikin pizza ala mediterranian, itu malah harus kriuk2 makannya ;P ayo ah, practice makes perfect...

Fred said...

Hi Rita,

I like using this recipe for pizza dough:

How long did you bake yours for? I usually go about 10 minutes at about 450 deg F. I went up to 500 deg F once and it cracked my pizza stone, so I'm okay with it being a bit cooler.

KennyT said...

The pizza doesn't look bad at all, but "harder than your feet's callouses".........? This is so hilarious! WA HA HA HA HA

Mochachocolata Rita said...

@eliza...ini mah melebihi crunchy liz...kalo kena timpuk bisa benjol gw hahaha

@fred thanks for the tips, i'll try this recipe next time. thank god for food processors ^_^

@kenny seriously. it's harder! hahahaha

babe_kl said...

err this idiot have used this recipe countless times and each time they came out wonderfully, i guess it must be idiotproof then :D

FD said...

ha ha ha I still eat em!!! Those looks great!

pigpigscorner said...

Sorry to hear about your pizza. My current favourite recipe is this whole wheat pizza dough:

noobcook said...

Hehe, hope u succeed in your next attempt. It doesn't look so bad actually, at least you manage to still make it look nice on photo :D