Thursday, July 23, 2009

Easy Tofu Puffs with Two Color Peppers in Oyster Sauce

Minimum ingredients, maximum flavors.

I am never the minimalist. When doing a "simple" stir fry, I probably dump in all the sauces I have in my kitchen into the dish...

Light soy? Yes!
Dark soy? OK, I needed some color...
Shaoxing wine? I love the fragrance!
Oyster sauce? What's not to love?
Kecap manis? Sure! I gotta remember my Indonesian heritage
Sambal ABC? Bring it on!
Gotta have some heat!
Ketchup? What the heck, why not? Could always use a touch of tang...
Mayo? Damn! This jar is empty!

...something like that.

But this time, I don't know if it was the heat...or waking on the wrong side of the bed....or drank the wrong medicine...I didn't try to empty my fridge into the pan...

Tofu Puffs with Two Color Peppers in Oyster Sauce

Tofu puffs
They are my ultimate meat replacement. Whenever I needed a filling, satisfying side dish, and there should not be any more meat in the already super carnivorous menu, tofu puffs always came to my rescue. They are readily available here, super cheap (HK$5 for a HUGE bag from Yu Kee), could be served soft or crispy, wonderful things could be stuffed into them, and they absorb flavors like there's no tomorrow! Look out for these babies in your next trip to Asian grocery shops.

- approximately 8 tofu puffs (halved, allowing the inner part to absorb flavors)
- red and yellow peppers, one of each, remove seeds and core, cut into bite sized chunks
- olive oil, oyster sauce, a bit of water

Saute peppers in hot olive oil, add tofu puffs, add oyster sauce, add a bit of water, mix well, cook through.
Serve as a side of meat dishes, or as one of your vegetarian dishes selection.

Remind me to buy a replacement for that empty jar of mayo...


Taste of My Life said...

Very summer look, colorful and yummy!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Colorful, quick and easy, my kind of dish! Yes, what not to love about oyster sauce? ;)

EatTravelEat said...

Nice and simple dish! I like the flavors of bell pepper when they are simply stir fried. Your addition of the oyster sauce sounds fantastic and yummy!

Haven't had tofu puffs in a while now...

I can ship some mayo to you if you want :)....but the cost of shipping will be more than the mayo cost!

YaYa said...

This is the first time reading a recipe has made me laugh out loud! Brilliant piece of writing and looks like a great recipe too!

daphne said...

Love the colours Rita! Nice use of tofu puffs. Adds the depth and texture!

Towser said...

Hallo Rita. We'll soon be in HK for slightly over a week. Hoping to eat till we drop! Thought you may just have some recommendations for us on some "shouldn't be missed" places?

Anonymous said...

Rit, I love tofu puffs too...!
btw, denger ttg tantangan jadi host di SLF di MP? tertarik ga?

Mochachocolata Rita said...

Wow. Have a look at my "eating everywhere" - hong kong - section...
not to be missed:
- Ngau Wong Sing, Jordan (Beef hotpot)
- all day breakfast at Hoi On Cafe, Sheung Wan (just by the western market)
- if you're into buffet...Mr.Steak Buffet ala minute - Causeway Bay - kobe beef, foie gras, et all

and some places which aren't posted in my blog:
- Yumcha at Luk Yu Tea House, Central
- Street side seafood dinner - temple street, Jordan
- Street snacks from the streets of Mongkok
- Durian pastry - Lucky Dessert
- Various HK specialties from Tsui Wah Cafe
- Beef noodles/wonton noodle shops
- BBQ pork, roasted duck, suckling pig...
etc etc etc etc...

email me if you need further info, addresses, etc...