Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dining with (Famous) Rodents at Hong Kong Disneyland

Have you tried dining with rodents? Now I can proudly say that I have....and they are not just your average house rodents...these are THE super famous rodents of Disney! M-i-c-k-e-y M-o-u-s-e! That's right! Mickey Mouse!

I am not a big fan of Disney cuties...but I am a sucker for theme parks. I love theme parks, and I've been to the teeny tiny Hong Kong Disneyland three times!!! I always said to others that I simply brought visitors there, but deep in my heart, I knew it, I am a theme park addict. Why do I love them? Theme parks transport me to a world that is entirely different from my every day life...and for once, I don't have to worry about my work, the economy, Hong Kong's property market, or how I could not fit into my skinny jeans anymore....at least until I get transported back to the "modern city of Hong Kong" (as announced in Hong Kong Disney MTR line ^_^)

So, my addiction to theme parks, and my other addiction to....all you can eat buffet meals (haha!), brought me to Hong Kong Disney Resort's Enchanted Garden. The hotel was every bit as magical as it boasted itself to be...and the dining room is no less. Food, cuties, and you are expected to take loads of pictures without being harrassed by the hotel's staff. Talk about a happy place!

The spread was scrumptious, and they are divided into geographical sections. From the western world, I couldn't help but notice these Mickey mouse shaped pizza. How cute!

From the salad bar, I picked this adorable little glass of shrimp, corn and french beans cocktail, and my favorite unhealthy salad, Mr. Caesar ^_^

One of my favorite items of the night: french fries, which were drenched in creamy mushroom sauce. Yummmm!!! Take note that I shamelessly ate off the kiddie plate ;)

Throughout the night, Mickey, Minnie and friends were roaming around, playing with (or scaring the heck outta) kids, mute chit-chatting (ala Charlie Chaplin), teasing, posing and letting adult dinners take their pictures. It was cute in the beginning, but the novelty quickly wore off and I became annoyed when I was about to enjoy a bite and either Mickey or his friends closed my eyes with their gigantic hands...I wish I could just scream "Would you just let me EAT?!!!!" But nah, I don't wanna be someone who's mean to a bunch of cute characters who are suffering inside their costumes. I think I should write to the management :)

The hot Japanese section has my favorite treats, assorted tempura, yakitori and seared seabass.

The Chinese section offers extensive variety of treats, including some sticky rice and chicken ginseng soup...

Roasted goodies...chicken, suckling pig and my favorite...roasted duck with plum sauce.

...and these stir fried prawns...they were succulent, bouncy and juicy!

The South East Asian section boasts a laksa and fishball noodles bar as well as Indian curry spread...which I didn't get to try as I was already stuffed to my throat. I bet they're good. Damn!

When I saw "Indonesian Fried Rice (Nasi Goreng)"...I just had to sample it! It wasn't the best nasi goreng I had, but not bad at all. The Malaysian sambal sotong (spicy cuttlefish) was tasty too!

As expected, the sweets department was manifested with rodents. They are everywhere! Well, as long as they don't tamper all the good flavors, I am good! :)

My chocoholic selection: chocolate covered strawberry, pecan pie, and chocolate eclairs with raspberries...which was heavenly!

I can't have lots of sweets without anything salty in between, so I munched on some cheese and crackers before I further attacked the dessert table

Cheese souffle, apple coulis, chocolate eclair (encore), white wine gelee, which tasted absolutely gorgeous and luxurious, and the best of the plate....the bread pudding, it is a little cup of heaven! The perfect ending of this magical (and slightly annoying) dinner.

....in between mouthfuls of treats, I managed to pose with the famous animals, Goofy the dog, who covered my eyes as I was about to dig into my plate...lucky I wasn't wearing fake lashes or it would've ended on my plate. LOL

and the famous rodent himself, Mickey! Whose girlfriend, Minnie kept hitting on sous chef. Poor Mickey.

Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel
The Enchanted Garden
via hotel hotline: +852 3510 6000
Weekday dinner price as at 11 Nov 2008: approx HK$450/person (including tax)


Peter M said...

Rita, you ate very well and you're too cute with gwei-lo Mickey & Minnie!


Seems like you had a blast of a time there!

Lina said...

How fun! I stayed at the HK disneyland hotel in January but I never made it over to the buffet... next time, next time.

Theresia P. said...

Look at your pictures make me thinking to try this on this coming Christmas, must be fun!!.

Anonymous said...

I have always found theme park food overpriced and under par but that buffet looks pretty decent! I want to try it now haha ^^!

eliza said...

kalo buffet nya kayak gitu di disneyland sini, bisa tiap thn masuk kesitu :D timbangan naek dong Rit?

daphne said...

hahah. how cute though!! I would love to dine there at least once! Cute little pizzas in the shape of mickey!

tigerfish said...

Me too! Sucker for theme parks but just not Disneyland!

Jessy and her dog Winnie said...

Looks awesome!
ps. I tagged you in my last post : )

Elsye said...

Ritaaaaa...aku wes beredar lagi hihihihi...btw cute tenan potoan ama mickey....hihihi

rit itu makanannya bikin laper semuaaa ngecess dweh liatnya..keren2 potona

Little Corner of Mine said...

How nice, that was fun fun fun and so much food to choose from!

SIG said...

Hahaha, that was a very post. I love the Micky plate and the chocs with Mickey on them.

Cindy. Lo. said...

Haha nice picture of you and Goofy!
So cute!

mikky said...

what a lovely picture you have there with mickey, you're so cute... too bad we weren't able to try that particular place the last time we were there... but by december, we'll do... thanks for sharing... :)

A.G said...

kapan yo so nyang disney... ada planing sih cm ndak tau realisasinya kapan hehe. Makan enak-enak trs ampe ndut hihi...

aku dr Indo mborong krupuks, loyang n pete wkwkwkwk.... sangu bumbu yg ndak ada di Norwe.. kulak'an aku Rit wkwkwkwk