Monday, May 7, 2007

Waroeng Podjok

Waroeng Podjok = Corner Cafe @Plasa Senayan

The ultimate Indonesian appetizer/snack: prawn crackers drizzled with...the one and only...kecap manis

The decor is very Indonesian-Colonial, framed old Indonesian newspaper articles adorned the walls, I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! My Filipina friend absolutely adores sate (Indonesian charcoal bbq meat skewers), so we ordered two different kinds (chicken & mutton), and hot serabi (Indonesian pancake with coconut milk & palm sugar sauce) for dessert. YUM YUM YUM

Smoky, juicy, tasty mutton sate (sate kambing)

My other favorite kerupuk (crackers)...I could eat unlimited amount of this, I could eat rice with just these crackers + kecap manis

Waroeng Podjok, miss you much!

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dewi said...

shud try kafe betawi tho... soto betawi pake paru garing nya mantap, n jangan lupa ada ketoprak kesukaan mu! ;)