Thursday, February 1, 2007

Makan Macanese

Macau, NY Eve 2007. My friends and I told our taxi driver to take us to a local restaurant he would recommend. That was a badddd idea. He brought us to a place rather far away (to earn more fare), the place almost absolutely empty, but we had limited time as we had to attend a concert, soooo we braved ourselves and got in.

There were four of us, and the waitress persuaded (almost FORCED us) to order 4 servings of everything. So, yes, the service was bad. As for the food...

The garlic bread was ok, nothing special, crispy, garlicky

Macanese Curry Chicken...not too see all of those chunks...they are GARLIC chunks. Garlic here, garlic friends and I weren't going to speak to each other after this meal

Baked mussels with.....garlic...yep the chef went "garlic happy"

Grilled mutton, not too least it was not totally covered with garlic. Hmmm but since we were so garlick'ed already, a bit more garlic wouldn't have made much of a difference anyway

Best bit of the day: charcoal grilled beef ribs. Tender, juicy and tasty.

The verdict: we won't be visiting this restaurant if not desperate enough.

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