Tuesday, October 28, 2014

SC's Birthday Dinner at the Principal, Hong Kong

SC's birthday is our annual splurge.
(Wow, that's in August!!! That's one hell of a blogpostcrastination, you lazy bum!
Please excuse me. I rant to myself a lot here)
And this one's worth every penny. Thank you for the recommendation, e_ting!
Naturally, I don't remember what these are, but I remember that we love almost everything, including the concrete sofa in front of the restaurant.
No need to thank me for this non-review. 
I really should not call myself a blogger.

We had quite an expedition that night. The birthday boy was really pleased. Phew!

Another thing that I love: I didn't have to make a phone call for booking (I HATE voice calls with a passion). Click here to book online.

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