Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Valentine Buffet Dinner at the Place, Langham Place Hotel, Hong Kong

Our little family's Valentine.
This year this little monster's coming with us to dinner.
So Valentine is no longer about sweet sweet romance, but about family.

I kept complaining to SC that I don't get flowers, so he bought something that I dislike the most...a fake flower. Ugh.

Luckily for him, he did a very smart move by asking OB to hand the fake rose to me.
Look at that smile. It melts hearts.

Time to do a narcissistic family with matchy-matchy Valentine themed outfit pose... but...

This is what happened when we asked OB to pose "handsome".
Sigh... lol.

The food is the usual buffet fare...

Raw oysters, seafood... OB loves the prawns and crab legs...


...with pink heart shaped rice. Wow. Too bad the pink rice didn't taste good.
There was pink soba as well but I didn't try it.

Peking duck bao...

There were also foie gras on toast, soup, Chinese food, freshly fried tempura, beef wellington, noodle soup made to order, Indian food station...

...which OB enjoyed much.

He loves papadum. Being Indonesian, he called it kerupuk.

Lots of pink heart shaped dessert...

I didn't try many of them. I'm not a dessert girl after all...

They surely look cute.

OB enjoyed the movenpick & candy section, as well as the marshmallows, fresh fruits & chocolate fountain.

He seemed to be the one who enjoyed the buffet the most.

There was also a free photo booth. OB refused to have his photo taken; cried and screamed bloody murder for the whole restaurant's enjoyment....not.

But being great narcissistic parents that we are... we ignored him kicking n yelling, and had our own sweet sweet couple photo taken.

How much was it? HK$688 per person + 10%, kids below 4 years old eat for free.
That's why there were so many couples with toddlers.
More photos on my Facebook page.

The Place - Langham Place Hotel
4/F, Langham Place Hotel, 555 Shanghai Street, Mong Kok, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 3552 3200

This place is my favorite buffet spot, I especially love their lunch, great variety of OK food with reasonable price. Here's one of my many lunches there.

By the way, I also did some cute food X love illustrations this Valentine. 

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