Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Crab Congee from Seng Cheong at Rua da Cunha, Macau

Does the colorful street look familiar?
Ahem, that's probably because you've been there.
Rua da Cunha, the Souvenir Street in Taipa.
One of the most cliched destination in Macau, but yet, I couldn't help but to pay a visit every single time, almost religiously.

I've mentioned that we've arrived before lunch time, and I had
dessert first.
Obviously, the dessert wasn't enough to bolster the 15 minutes between then and lunch time...so, we also sampled...

Pieces after pieces of this gloriously gorgeous pork jerky...

Although I like the one from Bee Cheng Hiang better, but...when hungry, everything's yummy!

...and these...

Sadly, it doesn't taste as delicious as it looks...a tad too chewy, a few minutes in the oven/microwave would help, I guess?

...and we sampled endless amount of cookies and sweets...

...before we headed to our lunch destination, Seng Cheong, for some crabby lunch.

Judging from the crowd lining up even before opening time, the food's either bloody delicious, or cleverly "marketed" (i.e. posted in every Macau travel book there is)

I saw some crab noodle dish, which I wanted, but we had to go for the famous crab congee.

Very very subtly flavored, which might indicate less amount (or absence) of MSG? Or was it simply...not that good? Or was it because the other dish we had was too tasty it outshone the congee? Hmmm~

Next time I'll go for the crab noodles instead of congee :D

One good thing...

I love the softness of crab meat in congee, so I spent a good half hour sucking every single piece of meat outta crab shell, since SC wouldn't even try doing so (he is against eating anything that requires any more effort other than shoving food into mouth and swallow)

See? I asked him to try sucking crab meat...

...and he made this face. Obviously failed to suck any meat out.
That only means there's more crab for me, so...yeah!

The star of the day...

...I avoided ordering the fish/squid balls since we're gonna have some the next day, so I chose this fried frog legs dish instead.

I believe just one shot is not enough, so here we go...

Yummmssss! I am not an alcohol drinker, but I bet these would taste fantastic with some icy cold beer!

There's only one way to consume these deliciousness...of course, with my bare hands :D

Another 30 minutes wrestling with every tasty bits and the tiny bones.
Oh yum!

One non-food related thing I couldn't help but notice...

This ceramic tile design!
Funky! Funky!
Very Sampek-Engtay? Heheheh

Seng Cheong (誠昌飯店)
at Rua da Cunha (Souvenir Street)
Taipa, Macau
Tel: +853 2882 5323


jisampedro said...

Seems you enjoyed a lot with the food in there, and lots of hard work to finish all crab and chicken, hehe :)

In my next visit to Macao, should take a look at these new places for sure.

tigerfish said...

The crab congee should be tasty without any MSG? It seems that there is crab roe in the congee - that should make it very unami...yes? no?

Joanne said...

Your trip is just filled with so much interesting food! I love the looks of that pork.

Jessy and her dog Winnie said...

Awesome pics!

TasteHongKong said...

Yeh, your beautiful shots remind me of my last visit to Souvenir Street. The crab congee was good but honestly the squid balls pleased me more.

Justin said...

these are some cool photos

EatTravelEat said...

It looks good! The crab congee I had in Macau though at another place was really crabby and delicious though...

Haha, sampling cookies are fun. Especially since taking them back to HK or the US is a pain and they cost so much... (although no inflation in US either for the Koi Kei cookies)